Overseas Business

Steel Hardware Manufacturing and Galvanizing Factory

Steel Hardware Manufacturing and Galvanizing Factory
  • Steel hardware are manufactured and galvanized in Japanese standard.
  • Requests for custom orders are always welcome.
  • As dimensions of our galvanizing tank are 7m(L) x 1m(W) x 1.3m(D), large materials can be galvanized.

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Mini-Grid Business

Mini-Grid Business

We have set up a solar street light on a trial basis in Bagan, one of Myanmar's leading tourist destinations.

  • We are promoting SDG'S and CO2 reduction through solar power generation business in non-electrified areas.
  • We plan, propose, and maintain a recycling-oriented living environment for small communities (1,500 households or less).
  • We carry out business proposals and consulting services by introducing ultra-high-performance cryonics technology for the fishing, agriculture, and processing industries.
  • We are proposing to create a safe and secure city by installing solar street lights and surveillance cameras in areas where there is no electricity.