IoT Solution Business

Smart Streetlight System

The LED street light with integrated solar panel is equipped with a power-saving gateway / LPWA communication unit, and the product price of the street light is combined with the LPWA communication fee for 10 years and the cloud usage fee for sale.

Hands-free Door Opening & Closing System

By installing a dedicated device at the entrance of a common area such as an apartment, the automatic door will open without contact when passing through the entrance with dedicated tags possessed by the residents.

Remote Monitoring System

You can use the analog camera currently in use as it is and centrally monitor the camera images of each base with the dedicated WEB application.

When combined with a flood sensor, earthquake sensor, etc., you can easily check the camera image of the disaster location on your smartphone, etc. in the event of a disaster.

Support for Introducing Autonomous Transfer Robots

We support the construction of material handling systems that make full use of IoT and robotics.